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Welcome to Blood & Sweat for a Cure ™️

A partner workout that anyone can do because together we can #CookCancer

Our goal is to raise funds and awareness about the disease with the hopes of one day finding a cure

In just our 1st year, we raised $10,550!!!!!

What will we do this year?

Partnered with

19 Minute AMRAP 
(As many rounds and reps as possible)

Partner Style - "You Go, I Go"

Partner A does 1 full round while Partner B waits. After a full round is completed, Partner B does a full round, while Partner A rests. After Partner B finishes their round, Partner A does another full round, etc.... until the 19 minute time cap.

The Workout

"Rest & Active"


218m Row/Ski

6 Box Jumps @ 24"/20"

9 Wallballs w/ 20/14Ib @ 10'/9'


Cardio Equipment

- 12 Cal Assault Bike

- 436m Bike ERG

- 200m Run (weather permitted)

Box Jump

- Box Step Ups

- Lesser Height

Wall Balls

- Lesser Weight of Wall Ball

- Lesser Height of Target

Equipment Free Option

12 Burpees

6 Tuck Jumps

12 Air Squats

Here is a video of how the workout will flow

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